Chef Virginia Sunshine (Chef V) is a Holistic Chef and Certified Integrative Nutrition coach. Over the past 20 years, Virginia has worked every aspect of the industry–service and front of house, several restaurant kitchens, event/wedding design and catering operations, as well as running her own café.

In 2008, Chef V founded her personal chef company, The Kitchen Mistress, which focused on special and restricted dietary needs of individuals, families, busy professionals, and pro athletes, including Denver Broncos linebackers Von Miller and Shane Ray. It became clear that the common desire among all of Virginia's clientele was to be healthy–whether they were recovering from injury, illness or an auto-immune disease, or they wanted to simply maintain their health as they journey through life.

Chef V saw an indisputable connection between food and nutrition.

After learning as much as possible on her own, she decided to enroll in the prestigious program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2016. As a holistic chef, Virginia believes that what you put in your body matters–not just micro and macro nutrients, and consciously produced/farmed/made ingredients, but also the energy and intention with which the dishes are executed.

This became even more evident when Chef V began working with top performing pro-athletes. Fueling a professional athlete within the context of a holistic approach to food goes beyond the profound knowledge of nutrition and dietetics. It requires working with their bio-chemistry and specific preferences to achieve results. The athlete’s body is the tool they use to perform and it solidified Virginia’s food and nutrition philosophy: we all have bio-individuality when it comes to nutrition and how our bodies process that input is different for everyone.

As a food-forward holistic chef, Virginia’s mission is to make the most delicious version of that which is best suited for the specific needs of the client. Chef V really aligns with the individual who asks:  “What is truly the definition of being healthy, and how can I become that?”

When she’s not in the kitchen or at Tiny, her urban, organic micro-farm, you can find Virginia on the tennis courts, at hot yoga, in a dance class, visiting the mountains or at a live concert.