Private Chef Services

Throughout her experience, Chef Virginia has learned that every body is different, so her nutritional philosophy allows her to design meal plans around the bio-individuality of her clients prior to cooking for them. An hour-long consultation is where she examines the individual needs of the principal and begins to create custom menus. A kitchen and private residence walk-through will also occur during the consultation.

A questionnaire will be sent to you prior this meeting to help Chef V gather all information pertinent to your dietary needs, illnesses, allergies and food preferences. 


After the initial consultation, you will receive a proposed menu via email. Meals will change seasonally, as Chef V strongly believes in cooking with fresh, local and seasonal items.

The goal is to thrill you with the proposed menus, so Chef V will request feedback and clear communication of any questions, requests or changes regarding the designed menus. 

To avoid a cluttered and confused pantry, Virginia will discard or donate anything that has expired or no longer fits with the client’s nutritional goals.

She will also take detailed inventory, as well as clean and organize shelves, label the remaining contents, and re-stock as needed based on the specific dietary needs discussed in the initial meeting.


On the day of the service, Chef V creates a detailed shopping list, places orders for specialty items, and selectively shops for the best ingredients for the menu. All items are hand selected for the best quality on the day of the service.

As Chef V manages her own organic urban farm, she may also harvest ingredients from here.

Chef Virginia does not support the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, hormones, GMOs or any filler ingredients and every label is carefully considered if pre-packaged items are being used.


The chef will arrive at the residence at the scheduled time and day with all the necessary supplies to set up and prepare the mise en place and expertly execute the menu for that day. All meals are plated and served, unless otherwise requested by the principal. Should there be a request for a packed lunch or snack, all ancillary menu items are packaged and labeled for convenience.

Chef Virginia is a knowledgeable and skilled kitchen manager and all items and equipment are carefully cleaned and restored after each cooking service, leaving the kitchen in pristine condition.