delighted clients

I was fortunate to meet Virginia almost 10 years ago when I decided to eat a macrobiotic diet. Within the restrictions of that diet, Virginia prepared delicious, interesting meals. Eventually my needs changed but during the ensuing years Virginia catered parties for me. The food was always outstanding and many of my guests have subsequently used her services.  In 2017, I had a heart attack and severe anemia and again I asked Virginia to cook for me on a weekly basis. Her meals were nourishing and delicious. I’m sure her food helped me regain my strength. I’m fortunate to consider Virginia a key member of my health care team.
Jan Murph (Denver)

Virginia has been preparing delicious and healthy dishes for me for a few months. The dishes, prepared dinners and  healthy soups have helped me recover from a recent illness. In addition, she has brought essential oils to help with nausea and fatigue. Virginia is open to suggestions and she is a very generous and helpful person.  I would  employ her for a party at my home in the future as she is a real find and an excellent cook!
Chef V,

The tacos and and potatoes were incredible! My daughter and I couldn’t stop talking about them! It was wonderful to see her eat such a healthy meal.  I’m looking forward to making (warming 😊) the Thai veggies today and enjoying the salad! 


I was lucky enough to have Chef V feed four of us as part of a fundraiser for Conscious Alliance.  Chev V was amazing to work with and supported our vegan dietary needs.  She prepared a four course meal that was outstanding using all whole foods which included some grown from her own garden.  The conversation and meal made for a fantastic night.  We sure plan on working with Chef V to feed us again in the future.

Matthew Carter (Denver)

My husband and I moved to Colorado from L.A. when we were about to have our third baby. We didn’t know what the good restaurants were here in Colorado, and with little kids I was already hesitant to dine out–so we really didn’t ever go out to eat anymore–it became something my husband and I really started to miss. I’m not the best cook, and my husband doesn’t cook at all, so we were left with lots of frozen foods from Trader Joe’s which really became boring after awhile. So my husband suggested having a private chef come sometime to cook for us. I asked a couple friends if they knew any chefs and one of them introduced me to Virginia. We had her to come over and cook a fancy dinner for our family and neighbors, and we asked if she would also prepare a couple meals for the following week that we could just quickly and easily heat up on our own.
She made such an amazing dinner for us that first evening (kid approved too!) and the meals for the week were delicious. My husband and I were hooked and so happy we found a solution to end our frozen food rut.

My husband is a very picky eater in the sense that he wants “fat kid food” yet it needs to be healthy also bc he has very high genetic cholesterol (but he is super thin and needs good carbs). I, on the other hand, prefer healthy, low carb meals. Virginia was able to personalize our meals to what we both wanted/needed so we were both happy.

I really enjoyed having Chef V come to our home and cook for us. She is a very sweet girl, and she has a copious amount of knowledge about health and wellness. I also really liked that she didn’t just have one speciality. Everything she made tasted like it could be her specialty. Every time she made a meal I was like “Wow! This is the best thing you have ever made!!” Only to say the same thing the next time she cooked something.  I really liked how we had great communication and she really listened to what we wanted. She would often check in and make sure we loved all the meals she made and wanted feedback so if there was something she could do better the next time she would.

We also had Chef V come and prepare food for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and she blew everyone away with the food. It saved me time from having to worry about making sure everything was just right - bc I knew it would be perfect. Virginia always brought her A game, which made hosting family a whole lot less stressful. I actually got to socialize and enjoy time with my guests!

I would absolutely without a doubt recommend hiring Virginia to be your private chef whether it be for a special occasion or to do your family dinners. She has great energy and is fun to share a glass of wine (or kombucha) with while she cooks! Our whole family loves her. 😊

Jennifer Krausert (Castle Rock)

This letter is to express our recommendation for Virginia as a private chef. We have employed Chef V since June of 2008. We both work 60 hours a week and have found her services to be invaluable. Chef V handles the grocery shopping and preparation of our dinner and lunches. In the time that she has been cooking for us she has shown her talents by preparing a range of foods from steak to vegetarian dishes. The food she prepares is exceptional, she is open to feedback, and tailors her menu to meet our requests. Her services have also proved very helpful when entertaining guests, our friends and family have given rave reviews to her food. She has helped to reduce the stress in our busy lives and allowed us to focus more on our work, while still enjoying meals at home. We would highly recommend her to others who are interested in hiring a private chef.

Sincerely, Jeffrey & Heather Miner (Morrison)

Faced with becoming a vegetarian and not knowing one single recipe except a salad which got old fast, I sought out the services of Virginia Sunshine. She has opened my eyes to all of the possibilities of eating veggies when animal protein had been my main staple for over 50 years. Each week, we collaborate on the menu and my nutrition goals. She has incredible talents as a chef, wowing me and whatever crowd I may have over for dinner, with her skills and knowledge of meal preparation. Working with her has been a pleasure and an honor, as well as provided me with healthy, nutritious food that I can just pull out of the refrigerator, heat and eat – invaluable for my busy schedule. I am impressed with her cooking techniques but more importantly I value her willingness to listen to my needs and plan accordingly. Being a vegetarian now is easy with her help!

Lisa Negri (Denver)